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Hobbies and Activities at Highlands

Here at Highlands we will encourage and support you with hobbies and any interests you may have or want to take up, taking into account race, culture, language, religion, interests and abilities.

We will also encourage you to try new things to help build confidence and self-esteem, making use of the local community to widen your social experiences.

Your Keyworker will help to find local clubs or sports groups that you may be interested in. Staff can put together a timetable for you, so we all know what you are doing.

Loads of exciting things to do!

We can look at many activities for you such as; youth clubs, army cadets, dancing, football, netball, rock climbing, swimming and many more!

Please let the staff know if you have any interests as we would love to support you with these.

Brush up on your art skills!

If you are creative and like to brush up on your artistic skills, we have a purpose built art studio, in the quiet setting of the garden where you can let your skills go wild.

Ask us about the different things you can do with the wealth of art materials we have.

This exciting room is waiting for you to start and help reveal your creative spark.

We have lots of things to do locally

Highlands is in Fareham, there are lots of fun things to do close by including;